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KOVONA SYSTEM a.s. was founded in the year 2000 by purchasing production assets of the company KOVONA KARVINA, a.s. whose foundations were laid in the year 1904.

History of the company KOVONA KARVINA, a.s.
In 1904, it was at this site where the company - Pospisil wire was situated for a long time. It was in 1907 after the sale that the new owner renamed Frystat steel mills and ironworks, and so the production was extended for metallurgical production. The principal of the business became the production of rolled steel.

In 1917, production was further extended, screw production and a plant for the production of railway carriages. The economic crisis that occurred during the 1930’s led to the closure of all operations and production was moved to Vítkovice and Bohumín. At this time, the area was purchased by a German entrepreneur, and brand 
Műcke&Melder switched to the production of metal furniture and additional products.

In 1948 the area was nationalized and incorporated into a group of furniture companies KOVONA national company and subsequently in 1950 were detached as KOVONA np KARVINA, thus becoming a processing base for the construction industry and gradually accelerating the production of scaffolding tubes, steel frames, ventilation and sanitary units.

History of the company KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s.
Primary business activities of the company during the launch was the production of light shelving racks, production of metal interior elements. At the beginning of its activity one of the major customers was Škoda Car a.s.

Thanks to the maintaining continuity in the century of development, metalworking skills acquired a unique opportunity to establish cooperation with globally oriented distribution partners. Already in the first year of existence the company began negotiations with IKEA in large-scale production of office furniture, the result was a long term business contract with a growing range initiating dramatic growth of the company in the coming years, which still continues today.

Due to the constant increase in the volume of orders, at the turn of 2003 and 2004 a new facility was built in Český Těšin. During 2004, highly automated technology was introduced for the mass serial production of folding chairs, which has an annual capacity of 3 million pieces.

In 2006, the company had taken a significant step to expand its technological capabilities and become a co-owner in 2007 and then the sole owner of KOVONA KARVINA, a.s. This strategic acquisition was realized with the intention of expanding production capabilities for the production of heavier metal open and closed profiles, cutting of metal coils and additional activities related to the service of processing of metallurgical materials.


Constantly growing customer demand for subcontracting in large-scale metal processing and long-term plans for investment in new technologies led to the company making a decision to expand the existing production facilities in Český Těšín in 2007 and again in 2011 to the current size of 26 000 m2In 2012, the company also expanded its production capacity at the facility in Huštěnovice.

Throughout the companies history KOVONA SYSTEM a.s. has won a number of awards, most important of these include the award in the "Czech 100 best companies" in the category "Best investor MPSV" in 2005, 3rd place in the "Exporter of the year" in 2004 and "Best supplier to IKEA" in 2002.

The latest award acquired by KOVONA SYSTEM in 2017. The association CZECH TOP rated KOVONA SYSTEM as one of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic (TOP 100 most stable companies in the Czech Republic in 2017 according to CZECH Stability Rating) and also won the Czech Leaders Award in the framework of the Moravian-Silesian Region, where KOVONA SYSTEM took the honorable 2nd position.