Screwless / Clip metal shelving

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Screwless/Clip metal shelving

Screwless or clip assembled metal shelves are characterized by extremely easy and quick installation, high loading capacities, low product weight and a high quality surface finish.

Regál Pixy
Lightweight shelf, with smaller dimensions with:
  -  a wide range of applications especially in households or small offices.
Loading capacity per level: 50 kg.
Use: garages, stores, for small cellars, student dormitories, in the chambers and storehouses.
Color modifications:


Regál Drumy
All-metal variable shelf with:
  -  high capacity,
  -  a wide range of applications,
  -  installation without screws.
Loading capacity per level: 130 kg
Use: garages, workshops, warehouses, basements, on student dormitories in the chambers and storehouses.
Color modifications:

Bílá Pozink


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