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Shelving systems

Metal shelving racks are traditional products of the company, the production of shelving passes many phases prior to completion, this is due to their high quality, wide range of dimensions, surface finishes and loading capacities. 

Thoughtful design not only ensures easy installation or dismantling of our products but also perfect stability and security even at the maximum stated load capacity.

With regards to the stated load capacity you can choose the product which is perfect for your requirements. We offer all-metal shelving as well as racks with shelves made from Laminate, Raw chipboard or MDF, all types are suitable for households, businesses, archives, garages, cellars, studios, offices and workshops.

For detailed information about these products, dimensions and surface finishes you find on our website For download (http://kovona.cz/ke-stazeni-42.html?lang=en).


Competitive advantages of our products:
  -  excellent quality
  -  perfect stability
  -  5 year guarantee
  -  easy assembly
  -  large scale of use
  -  longtime durability
  -  light packaging
  -  adjustable heights
  -  precisely produced metal components
  -  products do not contain substances harmful to the environment