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Quality is our companies most surveyed parameter, uniquely expressing the perfection of the production process and customer satisfaction.

We focus on quality already in the pre-production stages – thanks to the application of FMEA method we try to uncover all potential product defects and take great measures to prevent their occurence in the production phase.

Production quality is a controlled self-inspection system and parallel independent control. Of course there is whole quality testing that is from incoming inspection of materials and components through to the process of control to control of loading.

For our demanding customers we evaluate the suitability of the manufacturing processes, thus providing evidence that the products were manufactured in a stable condition to insure compliance with the prescribed quality criteria. Customer satisfaction is then reviewed for annual marketing surveys.

Significant support complexity and systemic nature of creation of an internal corporate identity is the existence of a quality management system based on ISO standards. KOVONA SYSTEM a.s. has introduced a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2009.

KOVONA SYSTEM a.s. is certified by BUREAU VERITAS CZECH REPUBLIC, spol. s.r.o. which is combined with compliance testing of the products with the requirements of the most demanding standards in force provided by TŮV NORD Czech s.r.o. given that the products supplied to multinational companies, in many cases we are certified by this. Requirements for obtaining these certificates are often beyond the scope of ISO standards.

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