KOVONA SYSTEM a.s. defines in its activities as one of the priority actions consistently achieving a high level of environment protection in several areas.

Area management of  waste generated in the production process is fully in line with the waste act 185/01 call as amended. Waste is thoroughly sorted and collected separately in containers and set in prescribed areas. For several years a press is used for pressing waste PE foil which allows the recycling of waste foil. All wastes are continuously recorded both quantitatively and qualitatively. Reducing the amount of waste is among our long-term environmental objectives. Almost all waste in our cooperation with authorized companies is subsequently recycled. Production of hazardous waste is kept to a minimal level.

In the field of packaging technology our company strictly follows the provisions of the Act c.477/01 coll. Our packaging uses only environmentally friendly materials and quantities are kept to a minimum.

Considering the location of our new plant in Český Těšín in the area of the Beskydy Mountains, the company puts great emphasis on the protection of water. Industrial waste water is treated in the sewage treatment business.

Energy savings are among the targets that have a positive impact both on society and the environment, the company successfully uses waste energy to heat its facility. In the production halls compressed air is released and that is normally discharged into the environment, KOVONA SYSTEM a.s. however, use this heat for technologies and in addition to this its also used to heat the administrative building thus saving a considerable amount of natural gas and reduce air emissions. Also thanks to the perfect insulation in the walls and ceiling the heat which is generated from our powder coating lines is also used to heat our production halls thus leading to an additional saving of natural gas.

KOVONA SYSTEM a.s. meets environmental requirements as well as stringent customer standards. Our company regularly undergoes demanding customer audits in the areas of air and noise pollution, water protection, chemical and general waste, fire protection and the health and safety of its employees.

In recent years great efforts have been made in order to reduce the energy intensity of the operation and improvement of the environment among others. Also implemented the following investment projects:
  -  installation of photovoltaic panels with power of 12kW on the south elevation of the production halls,
  -  installation of cogeneration units (gas microturbines) for the purpose of using hot air flue gases for heating the kiln ovens on the powder painting line and have a parallel electricity production capacity of around 60kW,
  -  the installation of an exchanger on the outlet for burnt gases from the drying section of the powder coating line is for using at the de-greasing bath in order to increase heating of the de-greasing bath of the powder coating,
  -  use of rain water from an underground retention tank is used for cooling induction welding on the roll-forming lines used for closed profiles,
  -  construction of a Effluent water treatment plant of three powder painting lines and degreasing line.